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Motor Controller (BV4603/4)


Product Description

The motor controller is a microstepping controller that can also drive two DC motors if required. It is fully controlled by software and has three interfaces:

  • Serial
  • I2C
  • Step pin and direction

The step pin and direction is for precise control of two or more devices that need to work in unison so that accurate arc's and lines can be drawn. The serial or I2C can still be used in this mode to control the power and other options.

A unique feature is the Sideways Stackable (SWS) connector that allows many units to be joined together without messy wiring.


The serial interface is addressable and so up to 26 devices can be joined in this way. Other devices can also be stacked such as relays.

Product Code: MOTJP0N840

Manufacturer: BYVAC


DCS Electronics (2019)

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