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ZX Chamelion V1.01


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The new ZX Chameleon interface allows expansion and experimentation with the original Sinclair Spectrum models (16K/48K Rubber Key or 'Plus and 128K Plus). The interface breaks out most of the Spectrum's rear edge connector, omitting some voltages and the video signals. A +5v regulated line is carried through along with the raw +9v line which is directly taken from the ZX Power Supply.
The ZX Chameleon comes complete with a prototyping board and headers to begin experimenting with. It features a center GND rail and connections for +5v and +9 v as required. The prototype board is laid out in 'breadboard' style to facilitate the use of several ICs and plenty of other discreet components.
Many other modules are planned for the range such as an I2C interface and a general Input/Output port. Stay tuned for details. 
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Product Code: ZX HVM1338

Manufacturer: DCS


DCS Electronics (2019)

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